HISPUT is a simulation program for the particle transfer in the sputtering deposition. The primary goal of this program is to predict the thickness profile of the sputtered films for axisymmetric chambers (but extension to the full-3D is not so difficult, I believe). The main parts of it are the routines to account for the motion of mid-energy particles (0.1~10eV) in the gas atmosphere of finite temperature, and BEM routine to solve an axisymmetric Poisson's equation.

This is a very alpha version. Currently, this package completely lacks the detailed documents, both on the usage of the program and on the physical backgrounds of the routines. They are being written as the contents of my doctoral thesis, so will be added in the near future (hopefully :).



To build this program, you need:

Information about the GNU tools can be found at http://www.gnu.org. Latter three are freely available library packages. Visit Netlib for their information.

This program is primary developed on Debian GNU/Linux 2.2(potato) and later. With this distribution, GCC, make, LAPACK and SLATEC are provided as binary packages.

Small note to build the SLATEC and SPARSE libraries on Debian system is available at Author's page SPARSE lib is included in the archive, also.


The routines written by TN (in src/, lib/, examples/, misc/ and thesis-figs/) can be distributed under the GNU public license version 2 or later. See COPYING file in this directory.

contrib/ directory contains routines developed by another people/group:

contrib/mt contains Mersenne Twister random number generator. The C routine (mt19937-2.c) is originally copyrighted by Prof. Matsumoto (matumoto@math.keio.ac.jp), and is modified by TN to take the interface with fortran routines. Original source of the Mersenne Twister can be found at:


with more details about the Mersenne Twister itself.

Fortran routines (defint.f, dehint.f, nc8.f) in directory contrib/mori are copyrighted by Professor M. Mori (mmori@kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp). To redistribute these routines as a part of this packages is permitted by Prof. Mori. When you would like to use these routines for your own purpose, please consult him. Contact info. should be found in his homepage at:


contrib/sparse directory contains the Berkley sparse library distributed at:


see spdoc file for copyright information. The contents in this direcotry are also modified by TN to make them callable from fortran routines.

The contrib/slatec directory is a partial set of slatec library, which are needed to build hisput program. It has been incorporated for those who cannot get the library in a binary form.

The author greatly appreciate to Prof. Matsumoto and Prof. Mori, for the permission to redistribute their useful routines with this package. He also appreciate to people who developed LAPACK, SLATEC and SPARSE libraries.

Nakano, Takeo <nakano@apm.seikei.ac.jp> (updated: 2001-01-31)

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