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Abount Surface and Thin Film Physics Lab.

We, members of surface physics lab., are working on the thin films of various solid materials. Amongst them very thin films of less than 1 micrometer in thickness are of our main concern, because their applications are now being developed in a variety of industrial fields.

In such very thin films, you may find very different properties from those of bulk materials. Conversely, it is even difficult to prepare thin films which have the nature identical to their bulks. We are proposing proper methods to manufacture films of excellent quality through the intensive investigation of structural, electrical, optical and electrical properties of thin films and its dependence on formation processes.


Takeo NAKANO, Associate Professor

He's been interested in and working on the preparation processes of films of composites and alloys. Recent work is the experimental and computational research on the compositional deviation in sputtering deposition of lanthanum hexaboride, which is the encouraging material for electron emitting devices.

Kei OYA, Assistant Professor

He joined the lab since September 2015. Detail will be appear here, soon.

Shigeru BABA, Professor Emeritus

Durability and Adhesion of Thin Films.
Morphological Nature of Growing Films.
Plasma Assisted Surface Finishing.


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