dump and restore mini-HOWTO in English

This is a (currently unofficial) English translation of Osamu Fukusima's dump-restore mini-HOWTO, prepared by some members of the JF project. We would be grateful if you send us your comments and suggestions for technical details as well as English improvements.

It would also be welcome if someone would take over this document to include the state-of-the-art information of dump/restore, since most of the translators are not so familiar with this toolset, and Fukushima-san is currently in a difficult situation to update the Japanese version.

Though the copyright notice of this document does not state the explicit permission of the modification, Fukushima-san has said in the JF-ML that the taking over of this document is strongly encouraged.

Please contact me (nakano) if you can help. Thank you.

NAKANO, Takeo <nakano@apm.seikei.ac.jp> (updated: 2003-07-27)

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