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ddts-send: helper script for Debian Description Translation Project

Ddts-send is a shell script which simplifies the communication with the server of the Debian Description Translation Project.


  1. Get ddts-send script from this link, and put it somewhere in your execution path.
  2. Edit the script file to change the SENDER macro to your e-mail address. Also edit the DESC_LANG macro to yours.
  3. Install the mime-construct package, which is used by this script.


Without any arguments, help message will be shown.

usage: ddts-send [-G (number) [-S (section)] | -P (pkgname) ] [filename]
 ddts-send -G 2          get 2 descriptions to be translated.
 ddts-send -G 2 -S x11   get 2 descriptions to be translated from x11 section.
 ddts-send -P pkgname    get the description of binnary package `pkgname'
 ddts-send filename      send filename

What is the DDTP?

Every debian package has its own "description" which tells the contents and/or the purpose of it. The "Debian Description Translation Project (DDTP)" aims to translate these descriptions into your :-) language, and to utilize them for various purposes. For more information, visit project's website.


For those who stock mails with MH format, ddts-recv may be useful. I don't explain how to use it here. Please read the script.

NAKANO, Takeo <nakano@apm.seikei.ac.jp>
last updated: 2003-05-08

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